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Meet Alicia Saunders


Alicia's roots run deep through the Fox Valley area, where she spent the formative years of her life. Her journey began in Menasha before moving to Beecher in Marinette County during high school. From fifth grade through high school, Alicia was homeschooled by her mother, nurturing a unique educational path that shaped her into the person she is today.

Military Service

Motivated by a strong sense of duty following 9/11 to serve her country, Alicia enlisted in the Navy in her senior year of high school. Embarking on her military journey, she began boot camp at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes in August 2002. Upon completing her training, Alicia was assigned to a command at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington. There, she worked closely with aircraft, through inspections, fueling, washing and launch procedures.

The birth of her first child marked a significant chapter in Alicia's life, one that saw her deploying aboard the USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75) in 2005 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a testament to her unwavering commitment even in the face of personal sacrifices. Her Navy service culminated at AIMD Whidbey Island, where she maintained aviation support equipment and managed their records.

Alicia chose not to re-enlist when she returned from deployment to the heart-wrenching realization that her child saw her as a stranger. While her military service held significant value, forging bonds with her children unequivocally took precedence over her career. August 2006 concluded Alica’s chapter of dedicated military service with an honorable discharge.

A Return to Civilian Life

After her honorable service in the Navy, Alicia became a stay-at-home mother, dedicated to raising her two children. In 2007, determined to utilize her GI Bill benefits to the fullest, Alicia pursued a degree in political science at UW Fox Valley. During her time there, Alicia was a leader and an innovator and showed her continued dedication to helping her fellow military veterans; she co-founded a club on campus to assist fellow veterans in navigating the complexities of the GI Bill.

Two years into her academic journey, Alicia transferred to UW Oshkosh. During this challenging period, embracing her new reality as a single parent, Alicia made the tough choice many career-driven mothers face: the decision to put her education and career path on hold. Her children's immediate needs were her priority, and as women know, mothers make sacrifices to prioritize their children’s well-being above all else.

from night shift to navigating covid-19

Since transitioning from the Navy, Alicia has explored various employment opportunities. Her journey included a period working the night shift at Walmart, a time during which she actively sought more fulfilling employment. This search led her to a position delivering aftermarket auto body parts, eventually progressing to a role in the warehouse. Here, Alicia was tasked with inspecting returned parts and managing warranty returns, showcasing her adaptability and dedication to quality work.

Alicia's journey is not just a personal one—it mirrors the hard-working spirit that resonates across District 2. After serving in the Navy, she joined the community workforce, starting with night shifts at Walmart. Like many of us, she was determined to find a job that was more than just a paycheck. This led her to the world of auto body parts delivery and warehouse work. There, Alicia didn't just handle returns and warranties—she embodied the kind of adaptability and commitment to quality at the heart of blue-collar work. In 2018, Alicia stepped into another role familiar to the community: a delivery driver at FedEx. With the arrival of COVID-19, she faced the same challenges many did—increased workloads, longer hours, and navigating labor and supply shortages. Through it all, Alicia showed the resilience and dedication that define the hard-working people of District 2. Her journey is a familiar journey, one of perseverance and a commitment to quality work in the face of challenges.

The Why Behind Alicia s Candidacy

Alicia believes that our government needs individuals dedicated to serving the PEOPLE, not lobbyists or corporations seeking to sway them with their wealth. She argues that the government's true role should be to amplify the voices of its citizens. Regrettably, many current officials are disconnected from most Wisconsinites' everyday lives and concerns.

Alicia will represent the many vibrant voices of the community:

~the single mother striving to make ends meet,

~the hardworking, blue-collar worker,

~the union members fighting for fair treatment,

~the farmer tilling the land,

~the LGBTQIA+ individuals seeking equality,

~the BIPOC community advocating for justice,

~the middle and lower-income families navigating economic challenges,

~the women seeking the freedom to choose when and how to have a family,

~the unhoused seeking dignity and support,

~the veteran earnestly seeking the fulfillment of promises made.

She is committed to becoming the voice of Northeastern Wisconsin, ensuring that the government reflects the diversity and strength of its people.

What Does Alicia Stand For?

Our Veterans

As a Navy veteran, Alicia understands the unique challenges faced by our servicemen and women, both during and after their service. Alicia will work tirelessly to ensure that veterans in our district have access to the healthcare, education, and employment opportunities they deserve.

Our Farmers

Farming is more than an industry; it's the heartbeat of our community. Alicia will advocate for policies that empower our farmers to prosper, champion sustainable farming methods, and ensure our farmers and their families have the healthcare they need and deserve.

Our Equality

Every person has the freedom and right to live authentically, free from the shadows of prejudice. Alicia is committed to championing policies that safeguard and uplift the rights of every individual, fostering an environment where equality and inclusivity shine in every facet of our community's life.

Our Unions

Our district’s economic strength is rooted in the skilled trades and unions representing our hardworking, blue-collar workforce. They deserve unwavering support and advocacy. Alicia will stand as a steadfast champion for workers' rights, advocate for fair wages, and commit to the safety and well-being of every worker.

Our Reproductive Rights

Alicia believes in the right of individuals to make decisions about their own bodies and their health. She will fiercely defend reproductive rights and ensure that comprehensive healthcare services are accessible to everyone in our district.

Our Shared Wisconsin Values

Wisconsinites are known for their strong work ethic, resilience, and genuine kindness, from holding doors open to greeting neighbors warmly. Alicia is committed to bringing this spirit of unity and Midwest nice back to Madison, fostering a culture of collaboration within our state government.

Join Team Alicia

Join Alicia’s team and turn our unity into action.

Volunteer to help make a real difference in our collective futures.

It’s time to put the people back into governing.

Will you chip in to join the fight with Alicia to put the voices back into the hands of the people?

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